SCOTUS Declines To Hear Muniz    

Excerpts: "The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear a challenge to a recent state court ruling that determined part of Pennsylvania’s sex offender registration law was unconstitutional." "The high court denied a petition from the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office to review a July decision from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that found the state’s current sex offender registration law was punishment and thus could not be imposed retroactively…."
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Lawsuit challenges Tennessee sex offender registry

Retroactive enforcement of Tennessee's sex offender registry law is being challenged in a federal court lawsuit that mimics a separate, successful appeal that led to the nullification of retroactive laws in Michigan. Read more
Link to the complaint filed in  District Court of Middle Tennessee Click here

          Group sues over passport marker

   SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A group representing sex offenders sued again Thursday to challenge a law that requires a marker to be placed in the passports of people convicted of sex offenses against children.
Attorney Janice Bellucci filed the lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles on behalf of her nonprofit organization, the Alliance for Constitutional Sex Offense Laws, and two California sex offenders.Link

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NARSOL Challenging Intl Megan's Law

 NARSOL is assembling a team of attorneys and professionals entrusted with evaluating the very best strategy for attacking IML, identifying plaintiffs, discerning the right venue, and pulling together the most compelling claims to include in a serious complaint. Read Robin's full article here

A Strong New Voice

When law school graduate Guy Hamilton-Smith applied to take the bar exam in his state, he was refused. Guy is a Kentucky sex offender registrant. When Guy was denied access to social media, he brought suit against the state and won. He immediately began posting about the sex offender registry and its failure as an effective public safety tool. Read Guy's first post on Reddit after winning his suit


A new study led by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that children who were legally required to register as sex offenders were at greater risk for harm, including suicide attempts and sexual assault, compared to a group of children who engaged in harmful or illegal sexual behavior but who were not required to register Learn More


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