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Current Volunteer Opportunities for Tennessee 4 Change

We currently have the following opportunities available. If you are interested , please provide your contact information below and let us know which position you are interested in and someone will respond to your request. Please remember that we are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization, so it may take some time for us to reply to your email.

Gate Keeping
The gate keeper is responsible for listening to voicemail messages, reading emails, or reading letters that we receive and then either responding directly, or forwarding the message/email/letter on to someone in the organization who can respond. Gate Keepers will receive training on how to respond and who to forward messages/emails/letters to. This position requires access to email, and is best suited for individuals who are NOT on parole or probation. Time commitment varies, but will likely not be more than 2 or 3 hours per week.

Graphics Design
We are looking for individuals who are good with graphics design programs who could help us in designing pamphlets, brochures, handouts, etc. Please submit samples of graphics work you have done. Graphics Designers would be called on as projects arise. Time commitment will vary depending on the project. Access to email is a requirement for this position.

We need people who are good at writing to help us write letter templates, handouts, brochures, positions papers, etc. Please submit samples of your writing. Writers will be called as needed for various projects. Requires access to and proficiency with word processing (such as MS Word). Access to email is required. Time commitment will vary depending on the project.

We often need to send letters out, either to people on the registry or our supporters. We need people who have a good printer who are willing to print and mail letters that we will provide. We ask mailers to supply their own paper, envelope, and stamps (although we can provide stamps if necessary). Mailers will receive the letter and mailing labels from us, and they will print them, place them in envelopes, put the labels on them, put stamps on them, and then drop them in the mail. Access to email is required for this opportunity. Time commitment varies depending on how often and how many letters you volunteer to mail.



Post Office Box 3352
Lebanon TN 37088


Phone: 1-888-871-8850